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with Intent

That’s our motto. Inspired by the TED Talk “We are all designers“ by John Hockenberry. A truly inspiring talk, which we at Howl Media have decided to implement in every aspect of our design.

Designing with intent creates a website which is purpose-designed, resulting in a longer technological shelf life than your average website as well as catering for every possible viewing platform or medium.

We found that applying this motto consistently delivers outstanding work, regardless of what the project is. All projects need design.

Howl Media consists of Siegfried Grimbeek and MJ Swart, a passionate team that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to web and design. Our network of partners ensures a powerful team that is hand picked for each project. We specialise in producing high quality functional websites that deliver a pleasing user interface and experience as well as a strong web presence.

Apart from web design and development we also keep on top of all the latest trends, developments and happenings in the online world. You can always rest assured that we will provide you with the latest technology ready to compete with any services world wide.


JavaScript Particle Generator

Recently we needed to do a project which required linked particles as a background, as per example below: The above screenshot is …

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Custom WP Posts Navigation

If you have a look at our portfolio or our case studies sections, you will see a looping next post and previous post …

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Flaticon Font Icons

Use Flaticon to generate custom Font Icons for oyur website projects.

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WordPress SASS Starter Kit

Download all the SCSS that you need to start building your website.

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Free Stock Photos Websites

Probably the biggest list of free stock photography and videos on the web.

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How to make a WordPress site live

How to make a WordPress site live from a local developed site The topic of how to make a WordPress site live …

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